Kubikenborg Aluminium AB

From an ordinary worker to a managing director and a top manager, every RUSAL employee has got a chance to unlock their full potential, show and develop professional and managerial skills, and climb the career ladder. This is exemplified by many top managers at RUSAL, managing directors of production facilities and heads of directorates where most of whom began their careers as ordinary workers, foremen, and line managers. They are inspirational to show what can be achieved in this business.

Gaining new knowledge, developing professional skills, improving competencies and learning related specialities – all this is available to RUSAL employees thanks to corporate personnel education and training programmes, as well as the latest educational technologies. The training centres operating at each production facility are furnished with specialised stands and interactive manuals, as well as exercise and simulation equipment. There is also the online corporate Distance Learning System (DLS) which contains several thousand various training courses – from narrow professional disciplines to foreign language, management and personal growth lessons.

Any employee wishing to advance their career may become a member of the internal candidate pool. Reservists are trained as part of the BS 250+ programme. Today, hundreds of successful programme graduates hold senior positions at all levels – from line foremen and shop managers to managing directors of production facilities. Promotion-related rotation and relocation of reservists has become a natural development process for RUSAL. 








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